anthony blokdijk

In Your Living Room # 19

loacation: Villa ockenburgh, monsterseweg 4, Den Haag
date: 29.12.2014
time: 13:00 + interview & optreden @ 15:00

Photo’s on Jegens en Tevens

Anthony Blokdijk, The Hague 1964, is an artist of Indo-Dutch descent, currently working with music, painting/drawing and film. Inspired by the Punk movement, he got involved with many independent/underground/do-it-yourself initiatives, such as the Maldoror Foundation, which has been organizing art events, publications and exhibitions since 1987. In recent years, chronic sickness lead to a quest for healing, and after journeys to Suriname and Indonesia, Blokdijk became more and more obsessed with nature. This is the main reason why Villa Ockenburgh, located in a beautiful park outside of the city, was chosen to present the first public showing of “Old paintings and new movies”.