a tree needs no adience to grow

in your livingroom #17

place: Scheveningse Bosjes
date: 31.10.2013

The forest takes the form of the primitive consciousness leading one on the journey to face the fears and desires left in the shadows we thought we have forgotten. To go into the wilderness is to come face to face with nature, not just that of the land but that of our own psyche and projected realities. It is the journey of self realization that is reflected in the dark of nature and it is the light we are able to emit amongst it that is the conquering of our primitive selves.

Jordan Herregraven
Samira Damato
Eva Lagrange
Yair Callender
Bas Kaufman
Mihaly Stefanovicz
Maya Klaassens
Wojciech Kruszewski
Alex Mc Ewan

Video made by Anthony Blokdijk