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the cliffhanger show


in your livingroom # 31

With perfomances, art, music and also a bbq (bring your own stuff for it)

location: MaakHaven
date: 27.06.2015
Starting from 16:00

Paul de Jong
Aura Rendón Benger
Leslie Nagel
Bas de Boer
Steef Crombach
Badriah Suzanna Hamelink
Xavier van Wersch
Jan Wattjes


Leslie Nagel & Paul de Jong

Leslie Nagel

Leslie Nagel

Steef Crombach

Steef Crombach

11698558_839558682788398_7456632631910763099_nSteef Crombach

11709378_839558706121729_5956572308334939820_n-(1)Steef Crombach & Paul de Jong

IMG_0154Steef Crombach

IMG_0157Steef Crombach

IMG_1662Steef Crombach & Paul de Jong

IMG_1677-copySteef Crombach & Paul de Jong

IMG_1679-copySteef Crombach & Paul de Jong

IMG_1689-copyPaul de Jong

IMG_1693-copyPaul de Jong

IMG_1715-copyPaul de Jong

IYLR-BasBas de Boer

IYLR-JanJan Wattjes

Jan-en-Bas Jan Wattjes & Bas de Boer

P6278039 Xavier van Wersch

P6298065-copyLeslie Nagel

P6298137-copyLeslie Nagel

P6298160bwcopyLeslie Nagel & Paul de Jong

P6298173-copyPaul de Jong

P6298228Aura Rendón Benger

P6298278Aura Rendón Benger

P6298538Aura Rendón Benger

P6298573Aura Rendón Benger

IMG_1714-copyBadriah Suzanna Hamelink

IYLR1Badriah Suzanna Hamelink

IYLR2Badriah Suzanna Hamelink

IYLR3Badriah Suzanna Hamelink

P6298617surfboard schildering Paul de Jong